AGM 2022

To chairs and secretaries of all u3as


Notification of AGM 2022


Notification of AGM 2022


Details of the Notification of the Third Age Trust AGM on 6th October 2022 is as follows:

27 April 2022  

Annual General Meeting of the Third Age Trust 

The Company Secretary, Samantha Mauger, gives notification of the date of Annual General Meeting of the Third Age Trust 2022 in order to allow for member u3as to prepare for the meeting. 

Notification is hereby given that the 39th Annual General Meeting of the Third Age Trust will be held as a hybrid meeting allowing delegates to attend in person (subject to government restrictions in place at the time) or online on: 
Thursday 6th October, commencing at 11.15am- time and venue for those wishing to attend in person to be confirmed.

Details on how to access the meeting for both voting delegates and non-voting delegates who wish to attend online will be distributed to u3as in due course.

Members u3as will be offered the opportunity to register delegates to vote on any resolutions during the meeting or by proxy under section 324 of the Companies Act 2006 and article 15 of the Articles of Association of the Third Age Trust. 

Submission of Proposed Resolutions for the 2022 AGM 

  • u3as are requested to submit proposed resolutions with supporting statements to the Company Secretary at the above address by 20th June 2022. They can only be accepted if they are proposed by one u3a and seconded by another. 
  • The Board of Directors is required to determine the business of the AGM. This implies that where there are similarities or duplications of proposed resolutions, an amalgamated resolution may be arranged after due consultation with the appropriate u3as. 
  • A list of the proposed resolutions received for the AGM will be circulated to all u3as by the week commencing 4th July 2022. 
  • Any amendments to proposed resolutions will be required by 15th August 2022. As with resolutions, amendments must be proposed and seconded by u3as.The list of amendments to the proposed resolutions will be sent to all u3as as soon as possible after the end of August. The Board of Directors has the responsibility to examine the amendments, reject any that introduce new matter to or are a direct negation of the original resolution and to arrange amalgamations where appropriate, in consultation with the originating u3as. 
  • The proposer and seconder of a proposed resolution or an amendment must be prepared to be present at the Annual General Meeting and to speak in support, otherwise it will be withdrawn. 

Election of Members of the Board of Directors 

  • The nomination forms will be sent to all relevant u3as by 13th May 2022. 
  • Nominations for Members of the Board of Directors will be required by 17th June 2022. 
  • All candidates must be either nominated or seconded by their own u3a. 
  • Voting for all director posts, whether officers or ordinary elected directors, will take place by way of an online ballot (hardcopy forms available on request). Online voting forms will be sent out to u3as during June.Voting will close 22nd August 2022.

Officer Elections 
No Officers have reached the end of their term.

Regional/ Nation Trustee (ordinary elected director) Elections 
The following devolved nations/regions are open for election.  Trustees from the following devolved nations/regions have all reached the end of their current term and some are eligible to stand for re-election for a further one-year term if they wish. It is therefore possible that some will stand for re-election for a further term and some will not. 

Northern Ireland         
North East              
East Midlands              

Anyone interested in standing for election in any of these regions should note that: 

  • Regional/Nation Trustees must be nominated and seconded by u3as in that region/nation (one of which must be the u3a the nominee is a member of).  
  • u3as in that region/nation are eligible to vote in the election of the Regional/Nation Trustee.
  • Voting will be on the basis of votes allocated to your u3a under clauses 17 a) to 17 f) in the Articles of Association of the Third Age Trust. 
  • We encourage nominations for all these posts.